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CALL US 920-485-9715


Our commitment to you is simple

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my company Innovative Technologies Corporation. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality product matched by our excellent service. I hope you consider my company to become your premier source for precision metal stampings. If I can be of assistance in providing service, Please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

– Donna Ferrell President/CEO & Co-founder

Progressive Stamping Tooling | Metal Forming | Stamping Die Creation and Design


We have made our name by supplying superior precision and cosmetic metal stampings and quality machining.


We run a lean manufacturing process and proper equipment to ensure flexible and non-stop production.


We work closely with your company from the quoting process to fulfillment of your project.

About Us

Innovative Technologies Corporation, ITC, was founded in Horicon, WI in May of 1998 in a small 1500 sqft shed by Mike and Donna Ferrell. The company grew quickly during the early 2000’s and eventually ended up in 3 separate facilities with each housing a division for either metal stamping, value added activities, or tool & die. In February 2006 Mike Ferrell passed away after suddenly after a short one month battle with cancer. Donna Ferrell assumed the role as President and CEO of Innovative Technologies Corporation along with her son Mike Ferrell Jr, the now Vice President of Operations. Today Innovative Technologies Corporation has a 42,000 sqft facility located in the Horicon, WI industrial park and has maintained its outstanding reputation in the eyes of our customers. We have worked hard supplying superior precision metal stampings, quality tooling, and specialized value added activities that provide our Customers with the quality and cost effective components they desire.

Precision Tooling and Dies | Metal Stamping
Precision Tooling and Dies | Metal Stamping


Metal Stamping - Key reasons to consider Innovative Technologies Corporation: Years of experience and breadth of capability – Innovative Technologies is a precision metal stamper who has seen thousands of different parts, can apply that experience to a customer’s new or current parts, and is able to draw on many different techniques for the manufacture of parts.

In-house tool design, tool creation and prototypes - These services provide a critical level of control in the design phases allowing economies to be built in from the start. Early supplier involvement is the key. We are able to offer design recommendations to improve quality and function, avoid unnecessary costs or expenditures, achieve reduced piece part costs, and ensure manufacturability. With the exception of moving long running parts to a new stamper any project will likely involve the need for low volume "design phase" parts prior to ramping up to full production levels. The ability to rapidly create prototypes can drastically reduce developments costs and time to market. This also develops specific knowledge of the part which is utilized in the production tool used in the production stamping process.

Value Added - Innovative performs a variety of processes, internally or with external partners, to offer the maximum value available to our customers. Capabilities include installation of PEM fasteners, tapping, machining, welding, and other similar processes. Post stamping services such as heat-treating, polishing, painting, and decorative plating are available. Our customers have recognized us for our ability to deliver highly complex three-dimensional stampings with demanding appearance requirements.

Innovative has built strong relationships with key external services and has effective management procedures in place for outside services. Product assembly and component kitting is also available. We provide a complete packaging solution for distribution or point of sale completed to customer specifications including: bar coding, electronic business transactions, and delivery service.

Quality Systems - In addition to our ISO 9001 certification, we have excellent quality assurance systems and personnel in place along with quality tracking systems and measurement tools for assuring process capabilities.

Flexibility - It is one thing to have a particular capability but quite another to not have that capability be a bottleneck or single point of risk. Lean manufacturing processes, quick die set-up and qualified alternative presses or equipment ensure flexible and non-stop production.

ERP and supporting business systems - Integrated order processing, manufacturing and accounting functions enable Innovative to properly manage our business. We support most of our customers through EDI.

Our ERP software solution from Epicor improves our abilities, including product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service, and tracking orders.


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