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CALL US 920-485-9715



Quality metal stampings require robust tool designs and precision construction. Our 70+ years of experience in tool building and metal stamping combined with the investments in state of the art machines as well as CAD / CAM software combine to provide our customers with cross-functional service and support to assist them in making sound decisions to achieve a competitive advantage. The speed to market we provide is essential to successfully launch new products.

Advanced Product Quality Planning
Advanced product quality planning (APQP) is the key to implementing a process that results in products that are right the first time. Our focus is to move quickly and accurately through design, prototyping, tool creation, and tool tryout leading to initial production with the result of dramatically reduced lead-times. To inquire about our tooling and fixture services please contact us by email at or by phone at 920-485-9715.

Progressive Stamping Tooling | Metal Forming | Stamping Die Creation and Design

Component Kitting | OEM | PEM Fastener Installation | Tapping | Machinging

Component Kitting | OEM | PEM Fastener Installation | Tapping | Machinging



OEM Power Sports - Providing the finest cosmetic, functional, and structural components to the Motorcycle, ATV, Off Road, and Racing communities through reputable OEMs and aftermarket providers.

Industrial/Transit Seating - Providing seating brackets, spacers, trim pieces, custom washers (shaped and flat), subassemblies, and weldments. Cosmetic and non-cosmetic finishes.

Water Filtration - Providing high precision progressively stamped brass and stainless components for home and industrial water treatment

Agricultural/Lawn and Garden - Including rods cut to length, brkts, assemblies and weldments for structural components.

Residential Appliances - Providing brackets, structural platforms, and components direct as tier 1 to OEM manufacturers.

Green Technologies - Providing low cost medium volume brackets and weldments for various green technology providers

Custom Fabrications - Providing structural bracing, fixtures, and test rigs to customer designs for physical testing performed on various types of equipment and safety equipment.

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